Solar Energy

For your home, your family, your business, your future.

We are the leading specialists in solar energy in  Colombia, Panama and now in Texas. We offer  solar solutions for your family and your company need, with the highest quality standards at accessible prices.

With more than 1,900 successful projects –and counting–, we provide the professionalism, transparency, and commitment your projects need.

You can count on our team to provide you with efficient solar systems. To reinvent your business with the cleanest energy. and to help the planet with the most reliable solar technology.

With permanent assistance and guidance, we’ll ensure your systems work seamlessly at maximum capacity, producing the best results from your investment. And with our management software, we’ll give you total control over your projects.

Check below our projects or ask for a quote in our different segments (residential,C&I and Utility Scale)

Residential Systems

The Best Choice for Your Family

Your home and your family deserve and demand sustainable energy sources, especially with the implacable Texan weather, where the summer and the winter are inclement.

Residential solar systems are the right choice to make your home eco-friendly. 8 years for the Return of Investment. More than 25 years of energy savings, totally guaranteed. 

Choose from three different solar systems:

  • On-grid Solar System: A grid integrated by your current utility system and solar panels.
  • Off-Grid Solar System: This is the best choice if you live in the countryside and require more energy storage. It consists of a set of batteries that will store the solar energy, backing up your system in case of outages and emergencies.
  • Hybrid Solar System: It combines the on-grid and the off-grid alternatives, perfect to strengthen your current electrical grid with both solar panels and a set of batteries to store the solar energy.

Whether for the big city or the countryside, our residential systems will reduce your electricity bills for decades.

Commercial & Industrial Systems

For small and large companies, factories, warehouses, offices, clinics, industrial complexes, convention centers, and more.

The size of your business is not an obstacle. Our team has the expertise to carry out your biggest projects flawlessly: the expertise to ensure the success of your investments in the short and the long term.

From the financing stage to the installation, maintenance, and monitoring, our professionals will ensure your solar systems operate at their very best.

Plus, you can expect the Return of Investment after six years no average, generating savings for –at least– 25 years. And, with the proper use and maintenance, your industrial solar systems will last for more than 30 years. In this way, multiplying your savings indefinitely.

Make your company an efficient, powerful, and ecofriendly stronghold. Let’s transform your investment into a sustainable future.

Utility-Scale Systems

Because solar energy is also for the major players.

For the major power plants. For the business owners and the decision-makers committed to eco-friendly solutions and the most significant changes.

Our team specializes in the planning, construction, installation, operation, management, maintenance, and optimization of solar systems, even for the most ambitious projects.

And the best part, thanks to Erco Energy App, you’ll be able to manage big complexes masterfully, keeping track of every single system, establishing alarms for possible issues, and more.

Looking to create a solar energy powerhouse? Innovating in how to consume energy more efficiently in your company? Then, feel free to request a quote.

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In Erco Energy, we make it different. We transform solar energy into innovative investments, hand in hand with the latest solar technology.

Our team is compromised to provide you with the quality standards your home, your family, and your business need for a more sustainable future.

Developing renewable solutions to the latest advancements in solar energy is our mission, passion, and ultimate goal. That’s why we focus on personalized attention: to provide you with the service, guide, and assistance all your projects demand.

Boost your system with solar energy, the limitless and most efficient energy source for Texan families and companies.

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